Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to Make Earrings

Hi, this is my first proper post, and I will explain, in words and photos, how to make loops for earrings.

You will need - your choice of beads, headpins, a pair of earwires, round nose pliers, and pliers to cut metal (nail clippers will also do this job, but they will wear out more quickly!).

First, thread your beads onto the headpin, and cut the headpin so that you have about 1cm of wire above the beads.

With the tip of the round nose pliers, grip the wire where it comes out of the top bead, as close as you can to the beads, and bend it over to an angle of about 45 degrees.

Now grip the top of the wire with the round nose pliers. Any wire that is sticking up out of the pliers will remain straight, so just run your finger along the pliers to make sure that the wire is sitting in the centre of the pliers. You should not be able to feel the tip of the wire.

Rotate the pliers towards the beads, so that the wire curves around them. You need to keep the wire hugging the pliers to form a nice circle. I find it helps to rest the wire on the index finger of my left hand (I am right handed) and hold it in place with my thumb. About half way round, you will need to slacken the pliers and reposition them to continue.


When the tip of the wire meets the start of the loop, your loop is complete. It should be sitting centrally above the beads, and there should be no gap where the wires meet. If not, don't worry, you will perfect this skill with practice.

Your earring will fit onto any standard earwire so long as there is a loop to hang it onto.

Next time - How to make even sized loops every time.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hi, I'm Celia, and I've been in the world of beading since 1985. I started by making beaded jewellery as a hobby, then as a small business. I started selling beads and jewellery making supplies in about 1995, at my bead shop in a Sheffield suburb for 11 years. I closed the bricks and mortar shop in 2008 to sell online and through bead fairs around the country.

Beading has become much more sophisticated and varied over the years, with so many more beads, threads and findings available for us to use. I'm still learning!

Through this blog, I'm hoping to bring your techniques, information and inspiration for jewellery making and beadwork.