Sunday, 31 March 2013

Working with Coloured Beading Wire

The colour of beading wire comes from it's plastic coating. Therefore, a clear wire, the most popular among beaders, looks greyish or silvery as you can see the metal wires inside the plastic. This can be a great design feature, if some wire is showing between the beads.

Beading Wire also comes in a range of colours, many of them with a metallic look, and these can add zing to your jewellery

This is the same design, done with a soft gold colour wire to tone in with the beads.

You can play around with colours of wire and beads to acheive a different look. Here are some earring or pendant drops in purple and blue.

These are my sort of colour, but there are lots of possibilities for including a mix of colours, bright or subtle, in the same piece.

Here is a bridal one in crystal with Pearl Silver wire.

Next time - I'll be staying with beading wire for a while, as there are several different ways to construct a piece of jewellery with it, and I'll cover them over the next few posts.

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